Break-Even Point in Sales Dollars

But these days, almost every type of business takes advantage of social media platforms to reach their consumers. It’s also more cost-effective to maintain a social media page and website than pay for a billboard or TV commercial. Depending on the campaign strategy, other companies may employ both traditional and online advertising methods. But even […]

How to Calculate the Value of a Salvaged Car

The matching principle is an accrual accounting concept that requires a company to recognize expense in the same period as the related revenues are earned. If a company expects that an asset will contribute to revenue for a long period of time, it will have a long, useful life. Determining the value of a car […]

Responsibility center definition

It was no surprise to management that the department manager’s wages were exactly as expected. Even though the custodial department manager worked more hours in the month of December, the manager is a salaried employee, so the wages are the same regardless of the number of hours worked. Let’s use this report to explore how […]